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Urban Services
P. K. Kaushik
91+ 9871090052
Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority is fully committed for citizen services and cleanliness and proper maintenance of our city ,Our team is dedicated and committed for maintaining the city prosperity. Anyone, Anywhere around the city if finds any issues such as plot holes/ road cuts,Patches,Rubbish(malba) on public land,drains. Being an committed citizen of Greater Noida please raise a request and alert our team for maintenance work immediately. Our team is always there to maintain the glory of our city. No Login is required to raise these requests.

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Sr No.Services ListDelivery Time (In Days) 
1 Temporary Filling of Plot Holes/Road Cuts 7
2 Patch repair 30
3 Removal of rubbish (malba) from public land by the owner 3
4 Removal of rubbish malba by Authority 3
5 Drain repair - a minor repair 10
6 Drain repair - a major repair 30
Sr No.Services ListDelivery Time (In Days) 
1 Blockage/ over flowing sewerage 1
Sr No.Services ListDelivery Time (In Days) 
1 Water Supply leakage - minor 1
2 Water Supply leakage - major 2